Lab Members


Freya Mowat, BVSc, PhD

Credentials: Assistant Professor


Aaron Kopydlowski, BS

Credentials: Research Specialist

Michele Salzman, BS, MS

Credentials: Graduate Student

Steven Martell, BS

Credentials: Research Intern

Jennifer Heyward, BS, DVM

Credentials: Graduate Student

Cameron MacKenzie Ray

Credentials: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Leah Russell

Credentials: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jay Ersoz

Credentials: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hannah Lillesand

Credentials: Undergraduate Student Researcher

Emma Penfield

Credentials: Undergraduate Student Researcher


Past Members of the Mowat Lab

  • Haley Edwards (graduate student, 2020): private industry
  • Claire Campbell (research intern, 2020-2021): Dentistry student, University of Iowa, class of 2025
  • Elizabeth Morrow (undergraduate research assistant, 2021): Veterinary student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, class of 2025



We are seeking motivated students to join the Mowat Lab! See the “Join our Team” panel for more information. At this time, we are seeking:

  • Graduate student for a project studying the interaction between age, diet and genetics on retinal function.
  • Research intern to work on various projects in the laboratory
  • Postdoctoral research scholar: residency trained veterinary ophthalmologist sought for generously funded 2-year fellowship in the Mowat Lab. See the COHA website for more information – application is due January 10, 2022.
  • Undergraduate student researchers interested in veterinary medicine, human medicine or ophthalmology-related careers

See our “Join our team!” page for more information. If you are interested to know more about the lab and enquire about possible opportunities, please contact  Dr. Freya Mowat.